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Every day, we work to improve the standard of care for people requiring tube feeding. If you are looking for a meaningful career where you can make a real difference in the lives of patients, then Luminoah is the place for you. We are a fast-growing company with a big vision, and we are looking for talented and passionate people to join our team. Read more about our story.

Latest Technology

We are committed to using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize feeding pumps and to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in hardware and software.

Never Stop Learning

Collaborate with and learn alongside some of the best, most collegial product managers, engineers, and business people on the planet.

Mission Driven

Every Luminoah employee is passionately aligned with a shared purpose, working together to improve the feeding tube experience for users and their care team.

What We Believe

To realize our purpose, we have five simple operating principles that are the foundation of our company culture and the way we operate. They guide us in making decisions, developing new products and services, and how we interact with our colleagues and customers.

Users First

We put our users’ needs first in everything we do. The people who use our technology aren’t just our users or a patient requiring care. They are mothers, fathers, friends, sons—people, just like any one of us. This is why we focus on bringing forward user-centered design and development into all that we do. We are building technology that fits into a person’s daily life, eliminating the need for individuals to adapt their routines to accommodate a device.

In It Together

We are invested in the success of others, treat each other with respect and kindness, and encourage one another. We are in this together. We stand together as a close-knit, yet formidable team dedicated to the craft of building modern technologies that enhance the lives of those who rely on tube feeding.

Bold Leaders

We drive innovation by challenging convention. Lumineers think big, speak up, and take decisive action. We firmly believe that actions speak louder than words and we wake up daily determined to add value.

Make It Happen

We are committed to getting things done, no matter what obstacles we face. We move with urgency and focus, have clear lines of accountability, deliver on our commitments, and measure outcomes. Focus on what matters most, make fast initial progress, and iterate toward the best outcome.

Keep Learning

In our pursuit of excellence, we hold intellectual honesty in high regard. We actively seek out fellow Lumineers who possess the expertise to refine our ideas and push us beyond our limits. We humbly acknowledge that we don’t possess all the solutions and remain dedicated to learning from others. Each member of our team offers a distinctive and invaluable perspective, and we encourage you to bring your A-game every single day, contributing your unique insights and expertise to our collective growth.

Joyful and Positive

We’re passionate about what we do and we don’t take ourselves too seriously; we’re funny, positive, energetic, and care about our customers and each other. We take pride in our work, recognize one another, stay calm, and have fun.

Luminoah team

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Luminoah is a proud member of Cville Biohub and is an active participant in Virginia’s vibrant life sciences industry. Charlottesville is an outstanding place to work and live. Beyond its captivating natural beauty, rich arts and cultural heritage, and thriving culinary scene, the city has a unique allure that makes those who relocate here reluctant to leave. In the below video, Luminoah Founder Neal Piper and other leaders in the life sciences community elaborate on why Charlottesville is an unparalleled environment for professional growth and an immensely satisfying place to call home.

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