Luminoah raises $6M to revolutionize tube feeding

Jun 15, 2023

CHARLOTTESVILLE – June 15, 2023 – Luminoah Inc., a medical technology company dedicated to improving the standard of care for patients requiring enteral nutrition, has closed a $6 million Series A funding round led by Fry’s Path Capital, with participation from Sands Capital, CAV Angels, Virginia Venture Partners, and 757 Angels. The funding will be used to complete the development of Luminoah’s portable, data-driven enteral nutrition system.

“Inspired by my son’s personal journey with tube feeding, we are excited to bring this new technology to market and help improve the lives of patients who rely on enteral nutrition,” said Neal Piper, CEO and founder of Luminoah.

Born from Piper’s first-hand experience caring for his three-year-old son, Noah, who required tube feeding during cancer treatment, Luminoah is reimagining enteral health with a safer, more portable, and intuitive device. “During his treatment, Noah was tethered to a pole-mounted tube feeding system for up to 15 hours per day,” said Piper. “This outdated technology limited his mobility, reduced his quality of life, and presented numerous well-documented health risks. Luminoah is addressing these challenges with an innovative, wearable solution that will give patients the freedom to lead healthy, active lives.”

Luminoah’s digital health platform will also enable robust data tracking and remote patient monitoring, providing actionable insights to clinicians and revolutionizing care in the $12B enteral technology space.

“As a medical provider, the Luminoah solution will allow me to monitor and adjust patients’ feeding regimens in real time to optimize their nutrition, said Dr. Vesta Salehi, Chief of Gastroenterology at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. “Patients should also benefit from improved safety, privacy, and freedom of movement which will enhance their quality of life.”

Joe Andrasko, Managing Partner of Fry’s Path Capital, said “Fry’s Path is thrilled to support Luminoah’s ambitious plans to improve the standard of care for a large, underserved patient population. Enteral nutrition patients deserve a better solution and Luminoah’s experienced team is poised to deliver it.”

About Luminoah
Luminoah is a medical technology company dedicated to improving the standard of care for patients requiring enteral nutrition. The company’s portable, intuitive, and connected nutrition system creates a new reality for patients and providers, enabling the freedom to feed anytime, anywhere with robust data tracking and remote patient monitoring. To learn more, visit


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